Enjoy Shrimp How it was MEANT to Be!
SeaTouch Shrimp… the Way Mother Nature Intended

There used to be a time when food was organic by default.  To preserve food you either froze it or salted it. Food tasted better and people were healthier! Food was purchased from small shops who provided fresh food daily. I know, my Dad was one of those shops in 1960’s, Franklin Fish Market, and I’ve been in seafood for three generations!

Today, innovation has led to lower nutrition density. In order to avoid disease, spoilage during transportation and generate larger harvests, many compromises have been made. The question is, who are these compromises good for: you or the industry?

At SeaTouch Seafood, we wish to turn back the clock. Shrimp used to be sold frozen in a block of ice – nothing but water. Today, shrimp is sold using IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) with chemicals to preserve and maintain hydration. SeaTouch Shrimp is selling the old wholesomeness with the convenience of today’s needs!

Introducing our Snap Pack! See how you can avoid the chemicals and get better taste, with the convenience of using only what you need, when you need it
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Are You a Retailer?
Learn why your store should sell the SeaTouch Natural Shrimp Snap-Pack.

Whether you’re a retailer looking for the best shrimp for your customers or a consumer who cares about taste, we have something for you!
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Whether you’re a restaurant, hospital or healthcare facility, or supermarket, there are many reason why offering your customers SeaTouch Natural Shrimp is not only profitable, but beneficial as well. The health benefits of removing chemicals and preservatives, coupled with the extraordinary taste will keep your customers wanting more!
Learn why SeaTouch Natural Shrimp makes dollars and sense!
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