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The earth provides a perfect balance of nutrition for our bodies. Mother Nature thought of everything; from medicines that come from plants and seafood, to the perfect stasis for a healthy life. SeaTouch believes that providing seafood in its most natural form not only delivers the best in nutrition, but also taste!
Larry Dimino –
President of SeaTouch Seafood, LLC.

“I’ve been in the seafood business for over 40 years; ever since I was a kid in Brooklyn. I remember eating frozen shrimp in a block back then. There were no chemicals added; just water to freeze it in. Then IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) product became popular, because it was loose. You pick what you want. Thing is, a lot of this product has additives and preservatives to prevent dehydration. Blocks are simply shrimp and water. Fresh frozen shrimp in ice! So I decided to merge the best of IQF and blocks and came up with the 2-lbs. split-block snap pack shrimp. You will taste the difference!”

A Little History

SeaTouch is a third generation, family-owned seafood business; which started in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, in the 1960’s, with Franklin’s Fish Market. It evolved into J & C Dimino Wholesale Seafood, Inc., a restaurant and distribution company in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Today it has become SeaTouch, LLC.

It used to be you could buy fresh shrimp in block form – frozen simply in water with no preservatives or additives. The taste was amazing and the shrimp was wholesome and nutritious. However, you had to eat it very quickly or it would spoil. To remedy this, IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) was created. The compromise was in order to keep the shrimp hydrated and last longer, chemicals and preservatives were added that altered the taste, no longer providing fresh and wholesome shrimp.

Shrimp the Way it was Meant to be!

At SeaTouch, we have the fusion of both technologies, providing the fresh, wholesomeness and taste of block-frozen shrimp, while adding longevity with IQF – without the chemicals and preservatives. The result: a 2 Lbs. Snap-Pack of shrimp, frozen into a divisible block. Instead of defrosting all of it when you only need one pound, only to have the rest spoil quickly, you can divide the block and cook what you need, and leave the remaining block frozen and fresh for another day!

Life is too good to compromise on flavor and health! If Mother Nature took the time to provide it with love, we should take care to not mess with Mother Nature! So enjoy a Snap-Pack from SeaTouch and you’ll understand what we mean when we say…

SeaTouch: Shrimp the way it was meant to be!
Find out what makes SeaTouch Shrimp the only way you will want to eat shrimp, once you had a taste.
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