Be Different with SeaTouch Natural Shrimp

What you eat says a lot about you, your values and taste. So why would you eat something that offers less taste and is not the best for you? Many will grab a bag of frozen shrimp strictly based on price; with no consideration if it’s the best thing for you physically and experientially. So stop being a follower and dare to be different. Try SeaTouch Snap-Pack Natural Shrimp and see why different has a lot to offer!

Try Seatouch Snap-Pack Natural Shrimp and Find Out What Shrimp is Supposed to Taste Like!

Product Information
For Consumers
Benefits of SeaTouch Natural Shrimp

Shrimp is one of the most delectable and delicious foods we enjoy! So why settle for shrimp with diminished flavor? SeaTouch brings the best of frozen-block shrimp, to provide the most natural and wholesome frozen shrimp possible, while minimizing the detrimental effects of Individually Quick Frozen (IQF). The result: healthier and better tasting shrimp, with no spoilage!

By removing chemicals and preservatives used to make the shrimp last longer and minimizing the IQF process, SeaTouch delivers juicy, tastier and healthier shrimp. So why settle for less? Get the best taste possible in the frozen food section, without compromising on your health. SeaTouch: Because Natural is Good!

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For Retailers
Quality for Your Customers, Profits for You

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the two ways to make a profit. You can offer the cheapest price, which also gives the smallest profit; or you can offer the best quality; which offers the highest profit. Why? People want quality and are willing to pay for it! There are needs and there are wants, and SeaTouch Snap-Pack Natural Shrimp feeds a HUGE want: great taste and better health!

By offering SeaTouch Snap-Pack Natural Shrimp, you will gain loyalty, make a great profit and stop playing the sales roller coaster.

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