Would You Eat Paint or Ceramic? Then Why Eat Shrimp with the Same Chemicals?

You’re probably thinking. “What the blazes are you talking about? Paint and ceramic in my shrimp?” No, I’m not saying there’s paint and ceramic in your shrimp. But, did you know that there are chemicals like:

  • Bisuphites
  • Tripoly phosfate1
  • And antibiotics

Tripoly phosphate is used in paint and ceramics. And with the antibiotic-resistant germs being all the news, why would you want to add antibiotics to your diet? I’m just saying!

Plus, have you ever stopped to think what this all does to the taste? I’m here to tell you that it changes it, robbing you of flavor that makes a meal go from good to FANTASTIC!

This is why I created the SeaTouch Snap-Pack Natural Shrimp. After three generations in the seafood business, I guess I am coming full circle too. You see, my Dad used to sell natural seafood that was delicious, wholesome and nutritious – before “PROGRESS” got in the way. And I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to offer shrimp the way it used to be; the way Mother Nature intended?”
Imagine shrimp so tasty and you don’t have to sacrifice your health to enjoy it. Imagine it frozen in just water, nature’s preservative, but in a 2 lbs. snap-pack, so you can break it in half, cook what you need and never expose the rest – keeping it preserved naturally for the next meal. I know, it sounds like a fantasy – too good to be true.

Well, stay tuned and be ready, because wishes have been known to come to true! Get ready for SeaTouch Natural Shrimp and taste shrimp the way it was intended to taste. After all, why settle for second best?

1 wiseGeek (2013) What Is Sodium Tripolyphosphate?
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